About us

Jason Richter is behind it all!

It started as an innocent hobby when he was only 9, he got it as a gift and now 35 years later, He can't keep his hands off 'em!
Casting, mastering, scratching away and molding something different nearly every night!

1/24 - 1/25 THE PARTS BOX Custom Model Parts was originally for our personal use only!
We had great success at molding and casting, we started getting requests, we listed stuff on eBay, asked for suggestions, joined relative forums and just asked what they wanted.

Hi my name is Michele Richter, I communicate, photograph, market, package and distribute the finished product, I help make moulds & resin cast too.

Edsel is our oldest boy and Lincoln is our last.

Jason has been collecting and building car kits and spare parts for approximately 29 years now!
A huge wrecking yard of spare parts, about 20 various sized drawers, A spectacular display of superbly built kits and dioramas in cabinets, a wall of boxed, unbuilt kits, A linen cupboard full of resin kits, a lounge room full of slot car circuit, 6 foot by 18 foot and a 52 foot slot car drag strip on the front verandah, Then there's the resin casting!!!
Well that's just huge and infinite...
Jason's passion for building cars and collecting parts is where this all originated!
All the great parts he'd made and collected over the years, could only be used once.......